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Keystage 1 And Keystage 2 Study Packages




How would your child feel if they could excel in school and beyond?

Whether choosing to study at home or school, research has revealed that a sound education is the best foundation for your child’s future success and happiness. That’s why we have designed engaging Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 study packages to boost confidence and balance academic progress with enjoyed learning. We also offer Key Stage 1 study aid in the form of fascinating CPA accessories with all Key Stage 1 study packages. The CPA approach has scientifically demonstrated to enhance your child’s learning experience.

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What does each package include?

1. Education resource designed to enhance your child’s understanding of difficult mathematical and scientific concepts. Your child will be able to demonstrate such understanding through the accompanying worksheet

2. Worksheet

3. Answer Form for the child to record their answers

4. Answers for teachers and parents to check their child’s progress

5. OPTIONAL: A set of engaging CPA magnetic accessories designed to aid and enhance your child’s learning experience



Addition & Subtraction Study Package for Year 1 students



What is the CPA Approach?

The CPA (Concrete Pictorial Abstract) offers a highly effective approach to learning. The approach develops a deeper and more sustainable understanding of difficult mathematical concepts among children.

The CPA approach was developed by American psychologist Jerome Bruner, and serves as an essential technique in Singapore. That’s why it comes as no surprise to learn that Singaporean children continue to outperform those in the UK.


Teach Ace: Learning, Made Easy

Our Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 study packages have the following X factors


  • A well-balanced blend of science and maths in line with the relevant Primary National Curriculums.
  • Designed to keep children engaged for 1 to 1.5 hour time-frames, especially when used with compatible CPA accessories.
  • Fun, engaging and easy to follow.
  • Answers provided for parents or teachers to assess their child’s progress.


  • Accessible both online and print.
  • Accessible formats for children with visual impairments and SEN.
  • Compatible with specialist screen-reading software’s like Jaws and Zoom Text.
  • Minimal ink usage on printing.
  • If you would like your child to prosper, please check our fantastic selection of study packages today.

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