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Addition & Subtraction (Year 1 KS1)

( ASR1 )


Addition & Subtraction Study Package for Year 1 students

CPA Accessories
Optional CPA magnetic accessories
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Please note, all our study packages are based on the Primary National Curriculums for maths and science. Your requested study package(s) will be sent to you by email which you may download and print. Each package includes

  1. Question Form or worksheet.
  2. Answer Form for the child to record their answers.
  3. Answers for teachers and parents to check their child’s progress.
  4. OPTIONAL: A set of engaging CPA magnetic accessories designed to aid and enhance your child’s learning experience.


Teachace: Learning, Made Easy

Teachace provide a well-balanced blend of science and maths in line with the relevant Primary National Curriculums.

Designed to keep children engaged for 1 to 1.5 hour time-frames, especially when used with compatible CPA accessories which make our
study packages fun, engaging and easy to follow.



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